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    Butterfly Valve - Lever

    Part ID: BFVL60160M
    • The Inner Disc closes off the flow.
    • Rotating the handle to open the disc a quarter turn allows an almost unrestricted water flow.
    • The 10 position Lever Handle, with positive detents allows the valve to be opened or closed incrementally for a controlled water flow.
    • Comes standard with Bleeder Valve.
    • Available with Threaded, Storz, Camlock connections, Hand Wheel and other sizes.
    • Weight: 45 lbs.
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    BFVL50150M Butterfly Valve Lever Handle 5" NH SWF LH x 5" NH M
    BFVL45145M Butterfly Valve Lever Handle 4 1/2" NH SWF LH x 4 1/2" NH M
    BFVL40140M Butterfly Valve Lever Handle 4" NH SWF LH x 4" NH M
    BFVT50150M Butterfly Valve Hand Wheel 5" NH SWF LH x 5" NH M
    BFVT45145M Butterfly Valve Hand Wheel 4 1/2" NH SWF LH x 41/2" NH M
    BFVT40140M Butterfly Valve Hand Wheel 4" NH SWF LH x 4" NH M

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