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    • 1/4 Turn Adapter w/ Collar
    • Kochek Hex Adapter
      3/4" - 1" Hex Adapters
    • 3/4" - 1" Irrigation Caps
    • Irrigation Plug
      3/4" - 1" Irrigation Plugs
    • Full Time Swivels
      Full Time Swivels
    • Double Female Hex Adapters
      IR34H - Hex Adapters Double Female Rigid
    • Female Double Swivel Hex Adapter
      IR35H - Hex Adapters Double Female Swivel
    • IR36H - Hex Adapters Double Male
    • Female to Male Hex Adapters
      IR37H - Hex Adapters Female x Male
    • IR37R - Threaded Adapters Female Rocker Lug Rigid x Male
    • IR37S - Threaded Knurled Adapters Female x Male
    • IR53 - Hex Adapters Female Swivel x Female Rigid
    • IR54 - Threaded Adapters Female Rocker Lug Swivel x Male
    • Storz by Male Irrigation Adapter
      IRS - Storz x Male
    • Storz by Female Irrigation Adapter
      IRS - Storz x Female
    • Sprinkler Head Adapter
      Sprinkler Head Adapter