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    Threaded Adapters

    Threaded Adapters

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    Kochek’s threaded adapters make it possible for you make connections to any size and type of threads for irrigation fittings and nozzles. Manufactured from high grade aluminum then powder coated for maximum durability.



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    Part ID Product Option
    IR37R1PG 1" NPSH Rig Smooth Lug F X 3/4" GHT M Knurled
    IR37R1P1P 1" NPSH Rig Rocker Lug F X 1" NPSH M
    IR37R151P 1 1/2" NH Rig Rocker Lug F X 1" NPSH M
    IR37S1P15P 1" NPSH Rig Smooth F X 1 1/2" NPSH M Knurled
    IR37SG1P 3/4" GHT Rig Smooth F X 1" NPSH M Knurled

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