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    Taper Flo Rotary Valve

    Taper Flo Rotary Valve

    Part ID: RV1

    Rotary valves, like any other component in a conveying, storage, or environmental control system, must be tailored to each individual application in order to ensure the best possible results. Our TaperFlo IST (tapered bore) series is more than capable of meeting the demands of high pressure, high temperature, and highly corrosive or abrasive operating conditions.

    Our valve is manufactured in the US and constructed of durable, long-life ductile iron. The TaperFlo body bore and corresponding rotor are engineered to offer the unique ability to easily adjust the valve’s rotor-to-housing radial clearance, which significantly reduces the negative effects of differential pressure and guarantees maximum product throughput. Drilled and tapped seal and end cover purge ports, and body vent are standard, but can be plugged if not required.

    Each of our TaperFlo rotary valve designs are available in standard ductile iron sizes 6″ – 16,” and stainless steel sizes 6″ – 14″.

    Two (2) adjusting collars required for TaperFlo Rotary Valve construction.

    Please call 1-800-420-4673 for pricing.

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    RV1 Fully Assembled Taper Flo Rotary Valve

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