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    Storz Hydrant Converter with Nut Cap

    Storz Hydrant Converter w/ Hydrant Nut Cap

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    • Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 extruded forging only.
    • (3) Stainless steel set screws for mounting.
    • The converter is a powder coated aluminum metal face seal and powder coated aluminum Storz ramp and lugs.
    • The NH thread female adapter contains a flat rubber gasket which seals against the male hydrant nozzle.
    • The head has a 1/2” relief machine cut around the outside creating a recess for the insertion of highly visible yellow reflective tape

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    SZMC4045-3-Y 4" Storz Metalface X 4 1/2" NH F(3)Set Scr, hi-vi w/Hyd Nut Cap (Color)
    SZMC5045-3-Y 5" Storz Metalface X 4 1/2" NH F(3)Set Scr, hi-vi w/Hyd Nut Cap (Color)

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