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  • MF - Female Mounting Plates

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Self-Leveling Storz Strainer

Self Leveling Floating Strainers 4" Storz

Part ID: FBS407


  • Self-Leveling Float
  • Vortex Shield protects against whirlpooling
  • Full time swiveling strainer
  • Handle for ease of carrying
  • Made with 8″ tubing
  • Increased flow rates due to high intake ratio
  • Maximum pump flows
  • Lightweight design
  • NEW compact design for easy storage
  • Also available with Camlock connections

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Made to Order

Part ID Product Option
FBS157 1 1/2" Storz Self Leveling Floating Strainer
FBS257 2 1/2" Storz Self Leveling Floating Strainer
FBS307 3" Storz Self Leveling Floating Strainer
FBS507 5" Storz Self Leveling Floating Strainer
FBS607 6" Storz Self Leveling Floating Strainer

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