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    Quick Coupler Key Hose Adapter

    Quick Coupler Key Hose Adapter

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    Kochek’s innovative design delivers full flow capability and its threaded connection attaches to and can be adapted to any quick coupler or sprinkler.

    Current designs with a 90˚ elbow restricts water flow due to the directional change and reduced inside diameter of the brass casting. Our 1” hose flexes without kinking to provide full water flow at all times. The full time swivel provides 360˚ of hose movement. The hose and hose ends are rated for 200 PSI.



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    USR-5-FL Quick Coupler Key Hose Adapter, 1" NPT F w/Reinforced hose
    USR-6-FL Quick Coupler Key Hose Adapter w/ (2) Male ends, 1" NPT M w/Reinforced hose

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