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    Quick Coupler Key with Relief Valve

    QC Key with Relief Valve

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    A design EXCLUSIVELY from Kochek!

    Our fire handle QC Key with relief valve is designed to fit the most popular manufacturers’ valves. An ergonomic handle assures proper installation and performance while enabling the user to relieve water pressure and remove key without worrying about back pressure.

    Longer handle design for hard to reach valves made of T6 powder coated and lead free aluminum, making Kochek’s QC Key lighter and safer to use.



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    Part ID Product Option
    IRSQCK-100-55K Quick Coupling Key with Relief Valve - 1" / 18" Length
    IRSQCK-075-44K Quick Coupling Key with Relief Valve - 3/4 " / 18" Length
    IRSQCK-150-C151 Quick Coupling Key with Relief Valve - 1 1/2" / 18" Length

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