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    NH Long Handle Ice Strainer

    IS Ice Strainer 4-6" Storz

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    Unique, long-handled Ice Strainer attachment that simplifies water drafting from frozen ponds.

    Essential equipment for firefighters depending upon rural water, in colder climates. Kochek’s Ice Strainer meets the industry’s need for a compact, efficient straining devices that stays level while producing maximum water flow. Saves time requiring a smaller hole in the ice, unlike using a traditional size strainer.

    • Available in sizes from four to six inches (See options and part IDs below).
    • Features a variable depth gauge.
    • Attaches easily to the end of a suction hose then turns 90 degrees to allow the strainer to drop through a hole in the ice.

    Effectively blocks debris from entering the hose or pump, the product’s design also ensures that the strainer remains below ice level. Kochek’s strainers are constructed of lightweight aluminum yet are durable to withstand harsh winter conditions while delivering maximum water flow capacity. Other products in the strainer line include: Self-Leveling Floating Strainers, Barrel Strainers, and Low-Level Strainers.

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    Made to Order
    Part ID Product Option List Price
    IS407 IS Ice Strainer - 4" Storz $397.36
    IS507 IS Ice Strainer - 5" Storz $493.03
    IS607 IS Ice Strainer - 6" Storz $535.94

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