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    Kochek Liquid Proportioner

    IRPR - Liquid Proportioner

    Part ID: IRPROP-AD1


    Complete Set Includes:

    • Multi-Mist Nozzle
    • Medium Tip
    • Allen Wrench
    • One battle and case

    Featuring our new “Multi-Mist” nozzle, the Kochek “Liquid Proportioner” hand-held applicator enables the operator to apply liquids at the most precise spray pattern imaginable with the medium tip which provides the most consistent misting and delivery of your liquid additives.

    Kochek’s “Liquid Proportioner” eliminates tank mixing, giving you the ability to spot treat in urgent situations operating according to the Venturi Principle @ 50-200 PSI. As the pressurized water passes through the tip of the convergent hose, a suction non-return valve with a polyethylene ball valve prevents the water from flowing back into the emulsifier tank. The metering orifice regulates the concentration flow, determining the percentage of the liquid. This versatility allows you to apply Kochek’s liquid wetting agents, pesticides, herbicides, liquid fertilizers or cleaning agents of any viscosity.

    Our NEW 1 Gallon Conversion Kit will allow you to mix more of your Chemical Agents for the larger job. Just remove the standard bottle and attach the one gallon bottle. Use the clip to secure the bottle.

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