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    Wetting Agent Pellet SystemWetting Agent Pellet System

    IRBW - Wetting Agent Pellet Each

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    • Is a complete turf enhancement system in pellet form
    • Is a time saver providing a valuable double benefit; the nutrients to support a healthy robust root system and the application of a wetting agent
    • Achieves a synergy of effectiveness unmatched by other products
    • Conserves water usage by as much as 30%
    • Multiple “reacted” surfactants make this a “multi-vitamin” for your turf under any condition
    • Results in movement of water evenly throughout the soil matrix
    • Eliminates capillary effect
    • Environmentally friendly since it is bio-degradable
    • Lowers surface tension of substrate, allowing penetration of moisture (water & nutrients) to the root zone.

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    Wetting Agent Kelp Single Pellet, Wetting Agent Single Pellet

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