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    Defender Automatic Handline Nozzle

    Defender Automatic Handline Nozzle Series

    Part ID: N/A
    • Constant gallonage in all positions
    • Automated system which ensures a good operating pressure
    • Flow ranges from 15 to 210 GPM in 4 models of nozzles.
    • Flush position capable of flushing without shutting down
    • Extruded aluminum, lightweight, hard-coated and durable.
    • Durable polymer shut-off handles.
    • Two-part rubber bumpers for maximum protection and easier gripping.

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    1.5″ NH Defender Automatic Nozzle / 25-38-100 GPM w/ Pistol Grip, 1.5″ NH Defender Automatic Nozzle / 50-70-160 GPM w/ Pistol Grip, 2.5″ NH Defender Automatic Nozzle / 80-145-200 GPM w/ Pistol Grip


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