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    Big Water Wetting Agents

    "Big Water" Liquid Wetting Agents

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    • An exceptional formula focusing on the management of water efficiency in turf root zone treatment and the relief of localized dry spot (LDS), especially areas suffering from drought.
    • Designed to treat all types of turf including; greens, tees, fairways and lawns.
    • This formula works best applied as part of a managed application program and can be mixed with most all other turf materials being applied including:
    • Using this at the time when applying these materials may enhance their performance since this concentration provides a more uniform and deeper wetting.


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    Made to Order

    Part ID Product Option
    IRBWLEXT-55 "Big Water" Liquid Wetting Agent Extended (55 gallons)
    IRBWLEXT-05 "Big Water" Liquid Wetting Agent Extended (5 gallons) [IRBWLEXT-05]
    IRBWLSTD-55 "Big Water" Liquid Wetting Agent Standard (55 gallons)
    IRBWLSTD-05 "Big Water" Liquid Wetting Agent Standard (5 gallons)

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