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    ALC Camlock Female to Hose Shank

    Part ID: N/A

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    Made to Order
    Part ID Product Option List Price
    ALC15 1 1/2" Camlock Female X 1 1/2" Hose Shank $12.36
    ALC20 2" Camlock Female X 2" Hose Shank $15.25
    ALC25 2 1/2" Camlock Female X 2 1/2" Hose Shank $21.21
    ALC30 3" Camlock Female X 3" Hose Shank $25.57
    ALC40 4" Camlock Female X 4" Hose Shank $38.05
    ALC50 5" Camlock Female X 5" Hose Shank $67.93
    ALC60 6" Camlock Female X 6" Hose Shank $94.41

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