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    20K - 2 Way-Siamese-Clappered

    Part ID: N/A
    • Two inlets, one outlet
    • Length: 10.5″
    • Height: 5″
    • Width: 10″
    • Weight: 10 lbs.
    • 150 up to 200 PSI
    • Aluminum body and aluminum clapper valve
    • Several different configurations and valve discharge use may affect actual friction loss created in the field. The fire department should evaluate actual friction loss during training.

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    SIAMESE 4 STORZ X (2) 2.5 CSA (3.125 X 5) SW RL F, SIAMESE 4 STORZ X (2) 2.5 NH SW RL F, SIAMESE 5 STORZ X (2) 2.5 NH SW RL F

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