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  • Storz Lubricant Case

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09K - Small Straight Gate

Part ID: N/A

Offering TWO styles of handles: Traditional Hand Wheel and Crank Handle

  • Excellent shut-off valve used on 2 1/2″ Hydrant outlets to control water hammer and reduce hydrant main damage.
  • Ideal for use in hose testing and on hydrants, stand pipes and pumps.
  • Non rising stem with crank handle.
  • Less than nine turns to open and close.
  • Lightweight durable aluminum body construction, powder coated for corrosion resistance.
  • Metal to metal set.
  • 300 PSI M.O.P. (maximum operating pressure)
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs.
  • Length: 13″ x 5.25″ x 5.25″

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GATE VALVE 2.5 BAT (3.000 X 8) SW RL F X 2.5 BAT (2.990 X 8) M, GATE VALVE 2.5 BCT (3.000 X 8) SW RL F X 2.5 BCT (3.000 X 8) M, GATE VALVE 2.5 CSA (3.125 X 5) SW RL F X 2.5 CSA (3.125 X 5) M, GATE VALVE 2.5 NH SW RL F X 2.5 NH M, GATE VALVE 2.5 NSZ1 (3.230 X 5) SW RL F X 2.5 NSZ1 (3.230 X 5) M, GATE VALVE 2.5 QST (3.031 X 7) SW RL F X 2.5 QST (3.031 X 7) M, GATE VALVE 2.5 WCT (3.250 X 6) SW RL F X 2.5 WCT (3.250 X 6) M, GATE VALVE T HANDLE 2.5 NH SW RL F X 2.5 NH M

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